Elective M1.1

Peripheral Interaction

Team Members:
Maharani Meganti
Stijn van Iersel

S. Bakker

1 Quartile


Rich Interaction

Embodying Intelligence

Experimental Data

Interactive Materiality

Peripheral Interaction

Constructive Design Research



During the Peripheral Interaction course, we created a Light control that could be controlled through a variation of peripheral and focused interaction. By means of four different materials, we create a wall-carpet in which areas in the house were coupled to sensible material qualities. One could interact with the device by using merely touch, or using the visual senses as well.

Learning Achievements

The most remarkable learning that happened in within this course is that I achieved a shift in attitude. I became more self-critical, due to the fact that I was too positive about the final concept within the scientific discussion of the report. This resulted in a retake, which in my eyes really helped me understand better how to write scientifically and what attitude is needed in general. Furthermore, I became more careful with praising my own work and tried to critically question it instead.

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