Elective M1.1

Constructive Design Research

Team Members:
Daan Weijers
Gabrielle Barzilai
Jiachun Du
Sam van Gaal
Tom van Rooij

S. Wensveen

1 Quartile


Rich Interaction

Embodying Intelligence

Experimental Data

Interactive Materiality

Peripheral Interaction

Constructive Design Research



In the Constructive Design Research course, we performed a lab research investigating the relation between interaction usability and charitable behavior. We built a candy machine and deliberately deteriorated the interaction flow to see how this would affect the greediness of users in relation to their sharing behavior. We performed structured 1 on 1 test in a context that was held exactly the same for every user. The outcomes were quantitatively analyzed and video observations were used to strengthen and explain these outcomes.

Learning Achievements

During this course, I learned the importance of creating a prototype early in the research process, as the testing and analysis take a lot of time. I performed pilot tests, which helped us to optimize our test setup and came to see the value of both good data- analysis and visualization. The models that we created on the data were sufficient for analyzing purposes, but were not meant for communication; the presentation therefore became somehow confusing. These were valuable insights for future practice.