Coaching and LOTM

Team Members:


2 years



In my 3 years as a student coach, I was responsible for making first year students understand the basic principles of designing, of managing their own growth and discovering their personal identity and design motives. By leading discussions, creating adaptive exercises and providing them with constructive feedback, I tempted to foster the aforementioned learning. I learned a lot about group dynamics, time management, engagement techniques and structuring a meeting. Furthermore, I noticed that I get a lot of energy by seeing my students grow and develop themselves initiated by my coaching practice.

Learning Platform

Learning on the Move is an online platform that I helped to develop together with Roy van den Heuvel. It aims to connect students of different levels and institutions in order to learn together and do meaningful projects in society. We designed the setup for the platform, looking at the ease for new students to join existing projects. The eventual platform has been made by Studio Tast. During the process, I learned to ideate via wireframes and create many iterations of use scenarios to optimize the usability flow of the platform. I eventually presented the concept in the finals of the Brains Awards for a big audience.